History of the house

More than a hundred years. More than a hundred anecdotes connected with it. Walls telling stories, history, disarming waterfront and scenery. This emblematic, monumental building in Balatonfüred, where everyone has been to and which everyone visits nowadays as well. The place where Lake Balaton is the mirror. Stefania Vitorlás Restaurant.

Vitorlás originally used to be a shipbuilder workshop. In the 1870's Gossling English General Consul brought a ship to Lake Balaton for himself and also enticed Richard Young, the famous English shipbuilder here.

Eventually Young had a workshop built on the lakeside, incidentally the current Vitorlás Restaurant's ancestor. The first wooden building and boatyard were constructed in 1880, and in the same year the first sailboat called SENTA was built in Young's workshop. The previously deceased water was filled with boats built here, the beautiful yacht of Ferenc Nádasdy's , the MERMAID, Antal Zichy's LUCIFER, and Tasziló Festetics ordered here his little screwsteamer boat, and Géza Andrássy's boat called MY DREAM was set afloat here. Mihály Eszterházy got a 30-ton sailboat, NOT LIKE THAT. Here it is the cradle of sailing on Lake Balaton.

Richard Young founded the Stefania Yacht Association in 1884, the next year left the country, so the Association and the workshop were taken over by Mihály Eszterházy. In 1887 the Clubhouse was finished, and in a short time it became the popular meeting-place of the monarchy's aristocracy, later the emblematic catering place of the whole lake. This is Vitorlás Restaurant. We have restored Vitorlás in the spirit of this.

Tradition, patina and the breeze of Lake Balaton – in one place. We hope that the hundred-year note of the house will be true: this is a place destined to increase life at Lake Balaton and its pleasures with new entertainments.